Private life

If you’ve made it all the way to this page, you already know that I’m a professional photographer specializing in hotels with a lot of background behind me.
Fortunately, that’s only part of my life: I’m a husband and a dad of two wonderful creatures, a biker and a rock music fan.

Having been a teenager in the nineties, living the great boom of grunge music and alternative rock I still consider it a fortune and a privilege. From when I was 15 to now I have played in several bands, and we have performed in clubs and festivals around central Lazio.
With one of them, the Stardishwashers, in 2010 we released an album titled “Cool” for RedPony Records, but on the eve of the release of the album I left the band because my job did not allow me to dedicate myself to music with greater commitment (a bit like John Frusciante at the time of Blood Sugar Sex Magic…😉!).
My passion for music has not remained separate from the world of photography.

Photographing rock bands was a natural transition and during my stay in Milan I was the official photographer for RockTv live events.

Con Pau dei Negrita

To have had the opportunity to work with Alessio Pizzicannella, photographer of the stars, to travel and follow him in his work under the stages and on the sets with the great artists of Italian music was obviously one of the most incredible things that could happen to me.

Motorcycles are my other great passion, born very late in life, so much so that when I was a kid I didn’t even have a fifty…

I’ve only had two loves, the Guzzi V50II “Clea” of ’79 with which I’ve crossed the whole of Italy up and down twice and the BMW R850R “Epta Strahl” of ’99 that in recent times I have transformed into a beautiful Café Racer and that I now use to move mainly within Rome.

The Guzzi is no longer there today but I carry within me the memory of the first trips without experience and the great satisfaction of having seen it end up on Vanity Fair in a photo by Alessio Pizzicannella with Nancy Brilly.


Even if I don’t manage to do it as much as I would like, even today I still dust off my father’s old Pentax with which I started out more than twenty years ago and the medium format Rolleicord ’63 that a family friend handed down to me.
I consider it a privilege to turn a passion into a job, but it totally changes the way you live that passion.

Shooting on film and printing in the darkroom are the real experiences in photography that still take me back to that summer more than twenty years ago.