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Il mio lavoro è stato parte essenziale per il successo dei miei clienti.

Grazie anche alle mie fotografie molti di questi sono riusciti a raggiungere i vertici dei rating reputazionali e al momento alcuni di questi occupano le prime posizioni su Tripadvisor nelle città di Roma e New York City e Toronto.


Hotel Giraffe
#1 New York City - #7 USA

Library Hotel
#2 New York City

Casablanca Hotel
#3 New York City - #11 USA

Hotel X
#4 Toronto

Singer Palace Hotel
#2 Roma

Appia Antica Resort
#1 Roma - Best Family Hotel in the World in 2015
Case history: Hotel Continental, Santa Margherita Ligure

Impatto di un servizio fotografico

Una significativo ed importante case history sulle potenzialità dell’impatto di un nuovo photoshoot nel successo commerciale di un hotel arriva dal servizio fotografico per l’Hotel Continental di Santa Margherita Ligure che ho realizzato nell’Aprile 2019.

L’aumento delle prenotazioni nel periodo immediatamente seguente alla pubblicazione delle nuove foto, che va dal 17 Luglio all’8 Settembre 2019, rispetto allo stesso periodo dell’anno precedente è stato del 61,63%. L’analisi e il tracciamento del comportamento dei clienti in fase di prenotazione della struttura hanno rilevato che l’impatto delle stesse è stato fondamentale per raggiungere un tale successo.

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Adele Gutman Milne
When the Library Hotel Collection hired WIHP to do our website, they sent Stefano to shoot our four hotels in NYC. We were thrilled with the beauty and authenticity of his stunning captures of our hotels. In just 1-2 days at each hotel he captured so many wonderful photos we could use for years, so it was a great value. Stefano is extremely driven to work hard, do a great job and make us happy. He did and we have used his services again since then. Additionally, Stefano does the most breathtaking photos of the city surrounding the hotels he is shooting. Stefano is a pleasure to work with as well. Highly recommend!

Adele Gutman Milne
Vice President Sales, Marketing & Revenue
Simone Puorto
I had the privilege of working with Stefano on several projects over the years. He put together numerous photo shoots for many of my clients, and always managed to excite both myself and my customers with his innovation and energy. I was always in awe regarding the creativity and innovation he brings in every project. He has a strong understanding of the Hotel Industry, he is reliable and goes above and beyond what is required of him. He’s one of the very select group of people I’ve worked with in almost 20 years that really gets it. If you are considering work with him, I would recommend you do so without hesitation.

Simone Puorto
Founder, CEO & Futurist @ Travel Singularity | 20Y Experience in Hospitality | Travel Tech Journalist | Published Author
Martin Soler
I have worked with Stefano as a hotel photographer for almost eight years. I would say he is an exceptionally efficient photographer who is both creative and quality conscious. His hotel room, lobby and amenities photos are great and when asked to bring in some scenic landscapes they hit the spot every time. With limited instructions, I have found Stefano to bring great creativity to the table. I would recommend him many times over.

Martin Soler
Hotel Marketing Expert
Partner Soler & Associates